Thursday, January 13, 2011

My little foodie

I can't help but be impressed with my little girl and her eating habits.  She has eaten everything I've offered her!  Absolutely everything.  I really wanted to start her out with a variety of tasty foods so, hopefully, she won't be too picky of an eater as she gets older.

She eats two meals a day- lunch and dinner.  I try to offer her three different things, so she has a little variety.  We also give her a sippy cup so she can get used to drinking water.

Some of the (stranger) things I've given her is grape leaves (Lebanese), tzatziki sauce (with fresh garlic and mint), beets, kale and butternut squash soup, peas and quinoa, meatloaf, chicken casserole and a ton of veges and fruits.  I try to give her a meat or protein and a combination of two veges or fruits at every meal.  I like to add herbs/spices and a fat (olive oil, butter or coconut oil) to the veges. 

Here she is with her sippy cup.

Looking all cute and messy!

Not related to the post- but here I am with my food (probably around 13 or 14 months)!

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The Vernon's said...

I'm so glad she's a good eater!... It's because Mommy is a good Mommy and a good cook!

Her eyes are so beautiful! They get me every time I see her picture!