Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fourth of July Skirt

In an attempt to be festive (and since it is Coraline's first holiday) I wanted to make a Fourth of July skirt for her to wear to our family barbecue.

Without spending any money I wanted to use things I had in the house. Unbelievably I did not have any red or blue fabric that would work from my quilt scraps, so I went to the pile of clothes that are slated to go to the church's yard sale and found the perfect material- one of Grant's old work shirts. It was red, white and blue! Perfect. I added a little red ribbon to the bottom, so she would stand out in a crowd. If I had more time I would have freezer stenciled something on to her white onesie. Oh well, next holiday!

(Grant's old work shirt)

(her festive skirt)

(she was thrilled- can't you tell?)

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