Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh dear.

I've been slacking. It's so hard to get to the computer in between nursing sessions. However, things are going well. Breastfeeding is hard. I hope it gets better! She's doing great and gained 2.5 pounds and 2 inches at her 2 week appt. Holy cow- at least the milk is working!

Will work on getting my birth story up shortly.

In the meantime here are some pictures:

(me and my baby)

(looking at her daddy)

(happy baby in her little cloth diaper)


Oldmarrieds said...

Great job mama! Nursing is quite a challenge especially when it feels like it is all you are doing. I'm pretty sure Emily spent 90% of her awake time feeding the first month. Keep up the great work! You're both beautiful!

three14creations said...

I promise nursing does get better. Coraline will soon become more efficient. It may take until month two, but you'll get there, I promise. It's so worth it! Keep up the great work and yay Coraline for growing so well!

The Vernon's said...

It does get better! The first few weeks are hard, but after you get past that, it is the sweetest bond you'll ever have! I wouldn't trade those special moments with her for the world!