Friday, January 2, 2009


I'll be honest-- I'm glad to say goodbye to 2008. This year was another nondescript year for me. Nothing especially exciting happened and, thankfully, nothing bad happened either. It was a year filled with the same routines and the same scenery. I know that for my sanity's sake, I need a year filled with different routines and perhaps, different scenery.

Most of you know what my hopes are for this year. I get scared talking about it too much, because I feel that I may jinx the whole thing. But I'm praying hard for a different kind of year this year. One filled with the extraordinary, one that will turn my world upside down (for the better), one that will show me God's amazing love and grace, one that will teach, one that will humble, one that will challenge, and one that will simply be different.

My sincere hope is that God will bless you with the type of year that you crave.

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Melody Strong Harrell said...

sounds a lot like the kind of year I'm hoping for too!