Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pregnancy Update (Finally)

Finally, a picture worth posting! 

Here I am at 32 weeks. 

This pregnancy is flying by!  This baby is so much lower than Coraline was, so it's making exercising and moving around a little more difficult this time around.  I'm thankful though, that s/he is head down and seems pretty snug there!  Still getting a little heartburn. But overall everything is going well!  Yay!  Only 8 (or 6) more weeks left (I'm thinking s/he will be a little early).


Jan said...

You look amazing (as usual). I can't believe you are that far along already! How exciting!!!!

Chris and Melody Harrell said...

JUST LOVELY! So I guess you're not finding out the baby's gender first? How exciting!