Saturday, October 2, 2010

Look at me!

I'm cute as can be!

So, here is a picture of some of the things I've been creating lately-- a denim skirt and birdie onesie.

I used a great tutorial by Homemade by Jill for her denim skirt.  Super easy to make.  I plan on making black and gray corduroy skirts for her to wear this winter.  Because she wears cloth diapers it is hard for her to wear pants that fit correctly.  But a skirt paired with some tights will work great and are pretty cute.

I was all set to do the much blogged about freezer paper stencil for her onesie- except halfway through I found out that wax paper is not the same as freezer paper (has to do with the wax being on one side with freezer paper)!  So, instead, I went old school and traced a stencil onto the onesie and then painted it free hand with fabric paint.  I think it turned out pretty cute, but it would have been sharper with the freezer paper.  Have no fear, I bought freezer paper on my next store outing and have enough to stencil my family's entire wardrobe.  If you want to try this project just type in "freezer paper stencil" and you'll get a million tutorials.

These are incredibly easy projects and can usually be accomplished during her nap time.

Oh, and her hair is growing so fast.  I can actually put a little bow in it now!  Despite the tights, dresses and pink people still ask if she's a boy or girl- the bow should help out with that, right?


The Vernon's said...

Please do the stencil blog!! I am so curious now! The onesie is adorable, but not as cute as Coraline! I could just eat her up!

Jan said...

Love Coraline's outfit! So impressed with what you can create! She looks simply adorable (as always). Can't wait to see what you freezer paper stenciled (fun, isn't it?). :)