Thursday, August 26, 2010

Refashioned outfit

I've seen a lot of neat blog posts on refashioning t-shirts and other clothes.  I've been wanting to try my hand at something like that but had to wait until I had the right pieces.  Well, not too long ago I got two pieces of clothing that I would just never wear out in public.  One was a Banana Republic skirt, so I hated for quality material to go to waste. Refashioning was the only option!

I hate long skirts- I look like a pilgrim or something. 

So I took the bottom layer, cut it off and sewed it to the liner so that it hit me right above the knee.

End result.

Next I took a rather large and unflattering shirt that had pretty lace details and took various parts of it to create fabric flowers.  (Someone gave this shirt to me for free- I have never worn this in public)!

I got a pretty but plain tank top from H&M- it needed to be spiced up a bit.  I attached the three flowers and a bit of lace to the H&M tank.

(tank top with flowers attached)
Finished product!


Nadine said...

Wow very cool ...great job!!!

Jan said...

I love it! Both pieces! I'm so impressed! You are quite talented. And I'm guessing no pattern to follow. :) Both look great!

Susan said...

Super cute and very cool, Andrea! You are super trendy at the moment. Those shirts with flowers on them are in all the stores right now. If you ever post how you did the flowers, I'd be interested. Great job!

Alie said...

Andrea amazes me. She took two "dowdy" outfits from her mom (me) and look how adorable. What a talented young lady. I'm lucky!