Friday, October 23, 2009

I Feel Yucky

What I ate for lunch today was neither simple nor natural. Perhaps a little creative though.

Just thought I would let my readers know how gross I feel right now. You see, I'm going to the fair tonight and I usually try to combat the "all that is fried" food with a healthy lunch. You know, to counterbalance everything. Unfortunately, I didn't really have anything healthy in the fridge, so I had to make due. (We are on our last days of the last food run).

First I started with a hamburger bun- was really looking forward to a veggie sandwich. Umm, no vegetables, so I slapped on some mayo, found a slice of cheese and pulled the last dill pickle slice out of the jar. Yum. Fearing that would not be enough, I grabbed the last bit of baked beans (from last night). Pickle/cheese sandwich and baked beans. Check. Fearing that would still not be enough, I grabbed the last 1/4 of my bean, cheese and salsa quesadilla. Lunch is now complete.

Of course, now I feel gross and am a little scared about the fair.

Creative. . . yes. Natural . . . no.

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