Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My weekend plans

So, I am very excited to be spending my weekend with the MARK SCHULTZ-- yes, the very talented Christian singer who was just on "Extreme Home Makeover" and is known for many songs.

He is coming to my church and will be a part of our Christmas concert on Friday and Saturday night. How cool is that? I get to hear him twice-- woo hoo! Anyway, our church is having our concert before and after Mark Schultz' concert. I am dancing in 2 songs, 1 Bible verse, a small finale bit and am a "music box ballerina" for a drama skit (with a real, live, pink tutu and pointe shoes y'all)! So, it will be a busy week for me with tech/dress rehearsals and two performances. But who cares, because I get to hear Mark Schultz this weekend. Sweeeet!

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